Into the Woods

A couple of weeks ago Kyle and I strapped snowshoes to our feet (at which point I really appreciated the ten years ago version of me that bought a whole pile of them :-)) and ventured into the woods with our cameras. Our goal was to get to a place called Rattlesnake Ridge that overlooks the hills of Springfield, VT. Sadly, we didn’t make it that far.

We encountered a stream that I always used to jump over when I was younger. Unfortunately, with snowshoes on, boots that were not waterproof, and all our camera gear strapped to our backs, neither one of us was very interested in making the leap.

*Note – this post starts with some ugly shots just to give you an idea of what it was like in the woods. If you’d like to download high resolution versions of the star photos click here and use the 1750 to download the photos.

IMG_2457 This tree was our best chance at getting over, but we decided it wasn’t worth risking our gear, so we set up right there on the path.


This was the only real opening we had to look at the sky through, so our shots all consisted of some variation of this, or just pointing the camera straight up. This shot is especially ugly so you can see (kind of) the beaver dam we were trapped behind.


7 seconds of exposure and this shot is still super dark. Kyle versus the woods… This is a 7 second exposure and it’s still nearly impossible to see what’s going on, but you can pretty clearly see what the rest of our exposure to the sky was like.

Ok, onto some of the cool shots!




Some clouds started to creep in and cause light pollution as the night went on. In small doses they actually made for some interesting hues in the sky. This is also of course shifted a bit toward the green in Lightroom.



This one might have been my favorite from the night.


Star trails! This shot took 8 minutes to take. Crazy how far stars will travel in 8 minutes. Next time maybe I’ll go for 16 :-).






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Vermont based husband & father who does web development, videography, and dabbles in photography.